About Municipal Courts

Cities and towns in Georgia establish municipal courts to handle traffic offenses, local ordinance violations, conduct preliminary hearings, issue warrants, and in some instances hear misdemeanor shoplifting and possession of marijuana cases. Municipal court judges are often appointed by the mayor, some are elected. There are more than 350 municipal courts operating in Georgia.

Georgia’s Court Structure: There are many classes of court in Georgia which handles a vast array of cases from traffic citations to felony filings. Municipal courts are only one of seven other courts in Georgia’s Judiciary. Click here to view diagram of Georgia Courts.

Pro Se Litigants and Self Help: Many citizens choose to represent themselves in court. Our self help link may be of assistance to you but does not substitute for the professional advice of a trained attorney. Judges and court staff WILL NOT provide you with legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need assist understand or preparing your case for court.

Court Conduct Brochure: This brochure will assist you if you have been asked to appear in court. From dressing appropriately to addressing the judge, this brochure will oriented you on what to expect when you enter your local courthouse.

Georgia Legal Aid: Georgia Legal Services Program is an independent, non-profit organization, that provides free legal services to low-income people in civil matters in the 154 Georgia counties outside the 5 county Atlanta metropolitan area. The mission of Georgia Legal Services is to work for equal access to justice under law for all people of Georgia.

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