About the Council

Who We Are

The Council of Municipal Court Judges (OCGA §36-32-40) was created to further the improvement of the municipal courts and the administration of justice. The Council assists municipal court judges throughout the state in the execution of their duties and promotes and assists in their training.

All judges of municipal courts are members of the Council. The Executive Committee is composed of five officers and two representatives from each of the 10 Judicial Administrative Districts. The Council holds its annual meeting during its summer training conference and holds quarterly meetings as scheduled by the President. Members of the Council also serve on a total of 21 different committees acting as liaison to such diverse groups as the Supreme Court Commission on Interpreters, the Georgia Committee on Access and Fairness in the Courts, and the Georgia Municipal Association.

The Council serves as an ex-officio member to the Judicial Council of Georgia, thanks to the efforts of many judges over the span of a decade. The Municipal Court is the only exposure many of Georgia’s citizens have to the judicial system, and the Council of Municipal Court Judges strives to make sure this experience is one that is fair and just.

The Council publishes a quarterly newsletter which informs municipal judges of the activities around the state and updates in the law. A brochure on the work of the Council is also available to judges and other judicial stakeholders.

The Council has begun the process of Strategic Planning. The Georgia Courts Automation Commission initiated an IT Strategic Planning session for each level of court and the Council has distributed a 3-5 year plan. A general Strategic Business Plan was also developed for the Council to move forward on five areas of concern: emergency preparedness, minimum qualifications of judges, implementation of uniform rules, enhanced public relations on the work of the municipal courts, and improved caseload reporting.

The Municipal Court Training Council provides a large selection of specialty and general courses for municipal judges to maintain certification. The Council has also worked with the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education on the development of Basic and Recertification classes for the municipal court clerks. All municipal judges are required to obtain 12 hours of Recertification training annually, and 20 hours of Basic Certification within one year of becoming a municipal judge. The Chief Clerk of each court is now required to obtain 16 hours of Basic Certification within one year of becoming a clerk, and 8 hours of Recertification training annually thereafter.