Chief Judge Kenneth Wickham City of Norcross

Chief Judge Kenneth Wickham City of Norcross

Judge E R Lanier

Judge E R Lanier

Roswell Municipal Court

Roswell Municipal Court

Judge Dennis Still City of Duluth

Judge Dennis Still City of Lawrenceville

Judge Dear Jackson Representative Kim Schofield Judge Bobbitt

Judge Dear Jackson, Representative Kim Schofield and Judge Bobbitt @ CMuCJ Legislative Breakfast

Judge Rashida Oliver Judge John Ellington

Judge Rashida Oliver Judge John Ellington@ CmuCJ Legislative Breakfast

CMuCJ Judges meet Republic of GA Judges

GA Municipal Court Judges met with a delegation of Republic of Georgia Judges through Hall, Booth, Smith P.C.

Judge Fred Graham-Mayor Randy Toms-Judge L.DearJackson

Judge Fred Graham, Mayor Randy Toms (Warner Robins) and Judge LaTisha Dear-Jackson

Municipal Judges Strategic planning session

2018 Municipal Judges Strategic planning session

Judge JaDawnya Butler

Judge JaDawnya C. Butler, Municipal Court of Atlanta

Judge Matthew McCord

The City of Stockbridge honors Judge Matthew McCord

Braselton Municipal Court

Braselton Municipal Court

Judge Margaret G. Washburn

Chief Judge Margaret G. Washburn, Municipal Court of Sugar Hill

Atlanta Municipal Court

Judge Lenwood Jackson Justice Center- Atlanta Municipal Court

McDonough Municipal Court

McDonough Municipal Court

Chief Justice Hines - Judge Dear Jackson

Chief Justice Harris Hines swearing in Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson  (CMuCJ President) for Judicial Council Membership

Judge Matthew McCord SR 738 Recognition

Judge Matthew McCord, Municipal Court of Stockbridge SR 738 Recognition

Judicial News

State v. Kelley, 783 S.E.2d 124, 125 (Ga. 2016)
Submitted by: Judge Charles L. Barrett, III
Appointments & Elections
Appointments & Elections
Apr 22, 2019
Suwanee Municipal Court to temporarily move to City Hall in May
Gwinnett Daily Post - Staff Reports
Mar 1, 2019
Appointments & Elections
Judge David Taylor -- Municipal Court of Ephesus
Feb 18, 2019
Georgia court: Refused breathalyzer tests can't be used against drivers in trial
By: Joshua Sharpe, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
Jan 28, 2019
How the recent Statesboro marijuana ordinance affects Georgia Southern students
By Nathan Woodruff, The George-Anne staff
Jan 7, 2019
Gwinnett’s first Hispanic judge joins ranks of recent history makers
By Tyler Estep, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Chief Judge Matthew McCord & Family

Chief Judge Matthew McCord, CMuCJ President
Stockbridge Municipal Court